Christina Watson

information about teaching

Christina teaches private voice lessons to students of all ages and backgrounds. Ages of her students have ranged from 4 to 70-something. Her classical and contemporary training (Berklee College of Music) allows her to help her students develop in whatever vocal area they wish. Her main focus is jazz, but her training and performance background also include pop, country, classical, funk and R&B.

A lesson usually starts with a good vocal warmup, which includes exercises that not only improve vocal tone and breath control, but which also focus on ear training by using solfege and rhythmic exercises. The three areas of the voice (the chest, mask and head voices) are all addressed.

The lesson then moves toward the song(s) being worked on. The student is encouraged to choose songs that truly appeal to him or her, lyrically and stylistically, but is also challenged to step outside of his or her comfort zone. Phrasing (grouping the words together), dynamics (where to be loud or soft and the vocal technique behind that), interpretation of melody and rhythm (i.e. “laying back” and “swing” in the jazz genre), and other aspects of stage performance are covered at this time during the lesson. Students are encouraged to record their lessons and their practice sessions, as this not only helps them remember what they’ve learned but also gets them accustomed to hearing their own voice.

Christina is available for 1 hour and 1.5 hour lessons. Christina’s home studio rate is $50 per hour. Lessons are given at Christina's home in Donelson, not far from Opry Mills. Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson time or the student will be charged for that lesson.


Christina is also on the faculty at The Nashville Jazz Workshop. Please visit for more information about classes and performances.