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Other Musicians / Bands
Oscar Utterström (trombone)
Oscar Utterström on MySpace (trombone)
Half Brass (New Orleans 2nd line funk)
Pat Coil (piano)
Jeff Coffin (saxophone)
Bob Mater (drums)
Mason Embry (piano)
Liz Johnson (vocals, saxophone)
Lori Mechem (piano)
Tisha Simeral (bass)
Kristie Agee (vocals)
Roy Agee (trombone)
Mark Shilansky (piano)
Renee Herman (vocals)
Harry Pickens (piano)

Berklee College of Music
Centre College
Webb School of Knoxville
The Nashville Jazz Workshop
TN Jazz & Blues Society
WMOT: Jazz radio in Nashville area
F Scotts: Jazz venue and restaurant in Nashville
Hay House Radio

Book Recommendations
Eckhart Tolle A New Earth
Eckhart Tolle The Power Of Now
Victor Wooten The Music Lesson
Livingston Taylor Stage Performance
Kenny Werner Effortless Mastery

YouTube Videos
Livingston Taylor Clinic
Oscar and I perform on 5/18/08
Nelson Harrison talking about the Metaphysics of Sound