...Christina Watson’s vocalizing [is] absolutely world class.
— Randy Brecker, Grammy award-winning trumpeter, from his review of The Nashville Jazz Orchestra's 2013 release, "It Ain't Necessarily So."
It has been an ultimate joy for me to discover Christina here in Nashville. I visit jazz clubs across the US, Canada and Europe during my rather frequent travels [and] Christina matches up very well with the best I have seen.
— Martin
Last Sunday, my husband and I were listening to Sirius radio, when the car was filled with your exquisite voice singing “All I Need Now”. I haven’t been so excited over a singer in years. I sit here with a goofy smile on my face, listening to your treatment of the music. You’re my new favorite artist.
— Patricia Scot, TV Guide's Best Female Singer of The Year (1955)
Just wanted to send a quick “thanks” – I recently heard you singing on XM Real Jazz and decided to get the album from iTunes.

I’m really enjoying your work, I love a singer who puts their heart into the music and actually sings with emotion and talent! Working in my shop tonite with my two littlest ones watching, I noticed that they were both swaying to the music. I asked them what they thought and she said “That lady sings pretty”.

Not quite music critics (they like Dora the Explorer too!) but if your music can move my old heart and their little ones you’re doing something right.
— Troy
I just heard \’The World is What You Make It\’ on Sirius , and I schmitzed. I ordered the CD, \’A Flower Truly Blue\’ to learn the song for a gig at my spiritual center in a few weeks. I am so tickled to have found your voice and your song. It is the song I was hoping would find me, and it did.
— Shelley
I heard your beautiful song “All I Need Now” on sirius radio and immediately purchased it. From one singer to another, you are amazing....thank you for sharing your talent.
— Tanya
Just heard you for the first time last night on Sirius-XM Radio, Real Jazz, channel 67. WOW ! I don’t even remember the specific tune but just wanted to say hi and WOW !
— Don

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